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The Brian Holdsworth Podcast

Jun 17, 2022

If you follow my channel, you might know that my family attends the traditional Latin mass on Sundays – which isn’t something I point out to try to position myself as some elite Catholic, but simply to share some of what that experience has been like for me and how it has formed me these past few years since I started attending it. But every now and then, our family, either by necessity, or even to try to balance out our perspective, we will attend the novus ordo or the common liturgy of the Roman rite of the Church. And that’s what we did a few weeks ago. Now that liturgy is one I attended for years and years and when you become acclimatized to something, it can be very difficult to notice things. Everything just seems normal, familiar, and comfortable. But comfort can breed complacency where we should be on the alert. On this occasion, something startled me that wouldn’t have years ago when that environment was my comfort zone. It was during the presentation of the gifts when lay people from the congregation bring up the “gifts” of bread and wine which will then be consecrated in the mass and it’s almost always a family carrying things up together.